Bronze top/mid/jungler looking for some DynQ partners. (Preferably Silver, but anything will do)

First of all, my summoner name is GitGudSkrub. So this season I was placed in B5, I am currently B2 and halfway to my promos. I used to main top back in early S5, all the way till patch 19 or something and form there on I mained jungle. I am currently playing more mid then anything else, and I'm doing a pretty good job at it (Climbing fast). I am looking for some english speaking buddies to DynQ with, and even though I want to have fun I also want to climb so I don't really want to Q up with you unless you're around my skill level. (after reading my post it came to me that I made it sound like I am challenger or something sorry for that XD, I am just talking to bronzies/silvers) Here's a list of champions I can play good enough to climb: Top: Wukong Riven Tryndamere Xin Zhao Renekton Mid: Yasuo Zed? Jungle: Rengar Xin Zhao Volibear (Before I get any comments on apparently not knowing how to play champs such as Yi or Annie, I only listed what I like to play) I know my mid lane roster is pretty lackluster, but playing almost solely Yasuo in ranked pays off :P. Also, the champions are listed in order of mastery. Not mastery score but how good I am at them, my own judgment but I think I've listed them accurately enough for you to choose whether you want to enter the Rift with me or not. And with that, I'm off. Good luck to all of you on the Rift! PS: If you want you can try a normal with me and see if you like playing with me or not. PPS: I like to say stuff like "Clusterfucked" to the enemy team when I succesfully 1v3 or something similar, if you can't stand that then you might not like to play with me :P
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