WEST Plat 3+ ADC Looking for a good support to DuoQ

So recently i dropped out of Diamond mostly because i keep getting that mid/top mains playing support with me and are just awful. I'm not saying I am a perfect adc but damn some people are bad. Hence I am looking for a good support to try and climb to at least Diamond 3 with this season.(Good support meaning having the same mentality and overall not being bronze) About me Age:18 years old Rank:Plat 3 atm (sucks ;/) Role: Adc Main Champions:{{champion:236}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:429}} Nationality : Serbian/Greek (living in Sweden atm) Language: English/Serbian/Greek fluently Requirements: Rank: Plat3+ Age: 18+ (16+ if you are not a kiddo and mature) Mentality: Being serious and climbing while having fun Language: English Role: Support Communication:Skype or TeamSpeak Please don't add me ingame just type here in the comments you wanna duoq and something about yourself and I will add you :d
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