Looking for Ranked team, any division, I was Gold 3 last season (ADC/Support)

Hey, currently looking for a ranked team! (Or dynamic que of 5 if you wish to call it that.) I was Gold 3 last season, I've played for about a year, I'm from Sweden and I can play at most times. I main Adc and support. My champion pool is... ADC: {{champion:18}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:22}} Support: {{champion:12}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:143}} I use both Skype and Curse. I have TeamSpeak installed but I haven't tried it yet. I can play at most times from 5-9pm (Swedish time.) Unless it's a weekend, then I can play earlier. If I happen to be away some special day or time I'd inform you if you wish for that. Just add me ingame Caltys

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