looking for -(active)- decent supp/adc

Hello , as title says , im a bot laner main since couple of seasons , looking for decent supp or adc to climb with , prefer gold + highest rank gold iv on this account , highest in general plat v on eune main acc , reason why im silver atm , i quit the game since few months ago , and i just came back 1 week ago , so looking for duo to climb the ladder with ^ adcs i pref : ashe - vayne - twitch - lucian - jinx , can play the rest too , just prefer those supps i pref : the king of em all " thresh " - braum , other than those depends on what the player feel comfort with. please leave a comment below with some info about urself - role / rank ..etc - , dont insta add :D i get so many {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
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