Leagstr Roses, All Girls Team, Looking for Support

Hi guys, We are looking for someone who is willing to play on a daily basis with a group of friendly girls and climb the ranked ladder together as well as play in tournaments, Live stream as a team and have a good time. We have a great group of friendly talented individuals and looking for a new support to add to this. What we are looking for: * Friendly motivated female players. * Being able to work with a schedule. * Be online 5-7 days a week. * You should be at least plat division. * Knowing and Understanding the English Language. * A working microphone. * Being able to play meta supports. Dedication is key here because we really strive to work together to get the most out of the team. Since we do a lott around streaming with the team, being able to stream is important. to apply add me in game or leave a message bellow.

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