League of Nice People

Hello fellows, I am Milan, a 20 year old gigantic guy from the Netherlands. I am looking for a League of Nice People, which basically means that I am looking for all you nice guys and gals out there to play games with once in a while :) I speak English fluently for those who'd like to have a chat on Discord or Teamspeak! The main point is to have fun playing & to improve where possible, at least for me! (for those who wonder: I am a low gold player looking to improverino :3) If you came to this point and you read all the above words: thank you! Have a lovely day and drop me a like, favorite... ehm I mean add me ingame, LordMilan is the name :D (that actually rhymed?) Love, kind regard, ciao, CY@ (kappa), Milan EDIT: I am making a club #LeagueOfNicePeople =) so we can always play with nice people! :D PS: I'm also up to play other games too (p.e. mmo's, cardgames, building games, rts) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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