LF Bronze/Silver ELO Support for our team.

We are SSE, a new team looking for new players, as we climb up the ladder from the beginning Bronze/Silver tier. Currently we are looking for a support to fill in our team as we are 4 already, we will be training through out normals and eventually Dynamic Queue, we want to improve as a team and improve as individual skill aswell, since we will not blame or flame our team members and communicate alot this should not be a problem to train that. Our Roster so far: malvagor (Founder, top, Bronze II,Main: Gold III) Hamsterfreak1 (Co-founder,Jungle, Silver III) driesbaas1( Mid, Bronze III) GewoonPeter( adc, Bronze II) Support: lf for that ;3 If you are intrested please contact malvagor or Hamsterfreak1 :) {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:4}} {{champion:17}} Cya on the fields of justice
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