Looking for a Jungler, Mid laner, and Support for ranked 5's (currently Silver 4)

We are looking for a Jungle, Mid, and Support player _**that can play frequently between now and the rest of the week.**_ We are currently silver 4, and would like the make the final push to gold! We only have a few requirements: 1. _**No flaming/no toxic players. If you get easily agitated, then don't apply.**_ 2. Positive attitude 3. You must be _**Silver 2**_ or higher (we can accept you if your a lower elo, but only if you're positive and willing to see us get to gold!) 4. Preferably people who speak english at a moderate level (you don't have to be a native english speaker. If your english isn't that good, and you speak german, that's ok. If you'd like to join, please write the following details: 1. In game name 2. Rank My in game name is GipperPWNS32 if you'd like to add me instead and give me these details.
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