Gold Players all arround EUW! Are u still awake? Do you want to finaly be part of a Team?

So hey boyz and maybe girlz My Name is Xesc and I`m looking arround to find a Team for some time now. But now I think to myself " Stop searching for and existing Team - start up a new one ". After playing so much SoloQ in the past years i`m now really looking forward to that. I`d like to go with the Support role in that Team. This will not be a full fun Team nor a full serious one, but what i want you to have as a mindset is this: You can always turn a game arround - So dont get mad after u die the first time on your lane and not even if we have 3 Inhibs down. I want us to fight till the End! Flaming does not help your Teammates - Mistakes are made, we are all human. Its just important to me how we act with them. So for example in a losing game we should just make a very short conclusion of the game of what went wrong and where we could have done better and try to improve that in the next game. I would like to get "Mains" for every role - So if u add me, you should tell me a certain position u want to play and u should have a decent champion pool for that role with the attitude to learn urself new champs for the Team. We shine in the Night! - Due to my job I will mostly have time in the Evening or even in the deep dark Night {{champion:56}} .People that are awake arround the same time would fit perfectly. So i would love if u are online until 3:00 or 4:00 AM within the Week. ( I know this is a very hard Time and it will be rough to find people for it... But if you read this and are one of those Late Night Gamers - Welcome! ) I would love to play the game REGULAR. So i`d wish you to be online at least 4 times a Week so we can do a lot of games together :). Last but not least i have to admit another point... Please be 20 Years or above - I`m 24 myself I`m not looking for buddies that are that much younger then me ... I feel old enough already :( ... Did i forget somethinig? I dont think so... So if u are still reading this and are still interested in creating a Team with these conditions please add me ingame or leave a comment :) See you on the Rift Xesc{{champion:432}}
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