G3 Support main looking for Team or Duo

Hi, I already have a duo partner that I often play with, but we don;t always play so I can duo with some other people too. Mainly I am looking for a team to play with. My schedule is uncertain as I will be starting a new job in the near future, so I can't commit to a hardcore schedule just yet, but until then i will also have quite a lot of spare time. I like to think that I am 90% tilt proof because I never go off the rails, although I think I can make some bad decisions at time. I don't flame team mates seriously, ever. I am currently Gold 4/3 (keep on going up and down which is annoying) my highest was season 7 Gold 1 100 LP 2 wins (naturally I finished that season gold 3 0 LP you know, as you do), but I genuinely believe I deserve a little better. For DuoQ i will largely stick to my current picks, but I'm willing to learn new champs for a team or ADC main that is better than me. Also if I DuoQ with a non ADC I will often try to play MID or TOP due to having an easier time influencing the game. However for a team realistically, to do my best I need to play support. I am aiming for Plat 5+ this season and I'm looking for people roughly around that area (and higher is never a bad thing). As much as I'd like to have some fun games with people not quite at the same level, I've done that for too long and I would like to get seriously try to be better at the game and hope to find someone who can improve my game. I do not have enough experience to do the same for others, yet. I'm British - English and still live here, mature (for the most part) and have Discord and TS3 Picks: 1. Janna 2. Thresh/Morg 3. Nami/Rakan/Malzahar/Galio 4. Zyra/Karma/Lulu 5. Braum/lux/leona/Soraka Non Support champs (mostly mid): 1. Galio (Top+mid) 2. Malzahar/Zed/Gnar 3. Oriana/Syndra/Ahri/Garen/Nasus/Fiora 4. Azir/Lux Let me know if you are interested in creating or having me join a team, or even just plying some DuoQ. Just add me in the client (Dannyfp3) and send me a message :)

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