Creating a team EUW

Hello everyone my name is Zabtra and am a support guy division is plat 4 in euw I want to create a team and looking for players however you must be serious about it also to have faith in team and to trust me and not to give up from first game I need top mid jungler and adc ,, each one of us even me will have a specific champions to learn As top : RyZe rumble gnar darius Shen fiora GP hecarim maokai As mid : ahri azir Diana lissandra Syndra orianna swain viktor gallo brand Leblanc As jungler : skarner Elise gragas shyvana ekko vi sej amumu hecarim As adc : vayne sivir Ashe kogmaw jinx Lucian Tristana Kalista draven corki We need just to main 3-4champions To join team you need to be plat+ and leave a comment here or add me I be waiting for you Thanks for time ^_^
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