Looking to create another 5v5 ranked team within my community.

Hey, I am looking for 4 other members to help form another 5v5 team within my gaming community. I am looking for Top, Mid, Jungle and Sup. People interested must have a basic understanding of the game and the right mentality/attitude to be able to play within a team, as a team. The kind of players I am looking for are the people that understand that playing in a 5's team requires a different kind of skill, for example solid communication, team synergy (playing towards the same goal) and patience as not all of this will be with us at the start and more than likely will take time for us to build these skills. Players must be committed to playing, practicing and improving as a team, willing to put in the time required for us to grow stronger as a team and also be able to adapt to the kind of game styles needed to win. If you are interested in any of the available positions then simply message me on here or in game, RyForan. Thank you for taking the time to read through this and I hope we can form a solid team together and start climbing the ladder.

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