DLG looking for Coaches and Analyst.

Hello there, Athisyy here, Co-founder and Co-Manager of Different Level Gaming ( DLG ). We are again looking to expand our Organisation and to do so we are searching for Analyst and Coaches to help our current staff out. Now we want you to understand that this is not an easy position, it will be very time consuming it will sometimes be long and exhausting work, so please keep that in mind. Now how the application works: **Basically you will get a Google Doc from us that we want you to fill out. Depending on the role you apply for, after we send you the Google Doc you will be given a Deadline. We do not look at applications that took longer to fill out and we will lock the editing rights that you have after your time is up. This is a precaution that we take to see if you can keep easy deadlines and be dedicated to your work.** Now there is alot to each job but I think the google docs will show you what we want from you. If you feel like this is not what you are looking for after you have been send the google docs just either inform us or write it in the doc or just don´t fill it out. You will be getting invited to further trialing once the management and current headanalyst and coach are pleased with your application and think that it is worth trialing you in a more serious manner. **If you have interest in either Coaching a Team that is aiming to hit challenger Series next Season, or Analysing for that team, then please add either of those 3 People or just leave a comment and we will contact you.** _DLG Athisyy ( Manager and Co Founder of DLG ) DLG Westy ( Head - Analyst of DLG ) DLG Big Daddy ( Manager, Co Founder and Coach of DLG )_
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