Diamond/high plat TEAM LF Jungler and Top laner

We are 3 (used to be 5) Swedes who are interested in taking a more serious approach on ranked 5's. We were 4 diamonds and one plat 2 playing for some weeks and getting some fine results for such a little time, we quickly got into plat 3 with our ranked team and placed 9-16 in tournaments of 80 every single time. Unfortunately our jungler and top laner had to leave the team and take a longer break from league because of personal reasons. This led to us now searching for new members who are interested. If you dont want to fully invest in a team you can also apply as a sub. Disclamer{{summoner:21}} : All 3 of us have accounts on both eune and euw (this is not my main acc) because we are not sure in what region we want to play in and are keeping all options open. therefore it is prefered that you have accounts in both regions but not necessary! Also it is prefered if you speak swedish but this is also not necessary. requirements: * Good english (or swedish) * Skype + decent mic * 15 years or older (we are 16, 16 and 17) * active or at least try to be * open to constructual critisism about gameplay and so on * non toxic, flaming in chat in solo Q is one thing but flaming in skype with ranked 5's is unacceptable please fill this out in the comments if you are interested; Age: Name: Country: IGN: Availability: Champion pool: SoloQ DIV+LP: 5v5 Experience: Position: Past experience from E-sport: (other games etc?) If you have any questions you can add me on Heterotr (euw) or itsViggaa (eune)
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