Serious ranked team need members support and adc

Ok heres the deal looking for a serious group of people for a ranked ream must be silver or higher we dont want to be training people on things they should already know. Therefore joining in and not having a main role will not get you accepted sorry but thats how it is. If your not able to handle some critisim then this isnt the team for you we will be playing seriously once again therefore players who have one or more teams happily keep looking sorry but we want dedicated players. We are looking for english speaking players in roughly the same time zone and hour difference is no problem but things like 6 is hard to work around. You MUST i say must with a passion have some form of communication whether that be skype teamspeak razer comms what ever we arent going into games with no communication. Also we are changing well adding the team intials at the beginning of our names so if your not wanting to do that please follow the others steps and keep searching. I may sound harsh but unicorns and rainbows wont gain you ranks hard work and dedication will. So if you are interested we need an adc and support. Last point 16+ at a push 18+ is a safe bet for age wise. Feel free to add me in game if you want to try out IGN is Quatonic on euw server
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