•Looking for smurf to "assist" me with climb: Riots Orders.

Before you flame me for essentially putting this call out there - After I contacted riot support about the state of Solo/Duo queue being exceptionally unbalanced and matching me with teams who are S6 Platinum usually 200+ MMR average vs my team. Riot kindly recommended I find a team mate to 'duo' up with. As this should give me an 'Advantage' So im looking for some badass with a second account to come play with me. Because i'm already being matched unfairly I've being silver 1/2 About four times in the past few weeks. Riot support basically told me to focus on my own game. So i will do that - but this means having team mates that can look after themselves. So if you can help me out, and ride with me to gold that would be lovely thanks. This is what it comes to, as even my support ticket explained to me that he had been in 'Elo Hell' and that sometimes there are just 'unfair match-ups'. Well the unfair match up should be close to 50/50 but it doesn't feel the slightest bit like this. Also i'd prefer if you didn't just leave advice. I will still read it, understand it and try to implement it but i'm kinda need immediate action more than anything else. Add me 'Enzer0' So I can improve my game.

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