diam1 +/master Team looking for coach

iDomina eSports
iDomina eSports nasce nel 2011 con il nome Zouk Team Alba. All' inizio giocavamo per lo piu come clan di amici che giocano Deathmatch a squadre su CoD su Xbox360. Nel 2013 decidiamo di provar a giocare competitivamente nella modalità Cerca e Distruggi veterano.
Hy summoners, I am the coach of the diam 1+ italian team, which will partecipate and aim high. Non of you or barely none knows about the italian scene which i will explain to you if there is anyone interested in this project. What I search are coaches that know about this game, so no new coaches with no experience. especially needed are coaches that are really good on the 1 on 1 coaching. You would get any contract and be under a big organisation with future. If you would like to have more informations contact idomina shelby or write under this post. Greetings Marco "iDomina Shelby" Longo

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