[EUW] New ranked started to play 5vs5 tournaments etc!

Hello everybody, let's get right to it: I'm working on building a League team from scratch and I'm looking for you! What are the requirements? Above all, everybody likes to have a good atmosphere in a team so the right mindset will be our top priority, meaning no flaming/blaming others, take the games seriously, be approachable in terms of criticism as well as be reliable to appear to practice or communicate if you can't. Other than that, here are some basic key requirements: 1. Have a headset, no one likes the “Ekko” 2. Teamspech installed, since it’s a great program to use. 3. Be around plat/dia level last or this season 4. Abel to play regularly (3+ days a week) So why should you decide to join this team? The answer is simple: You are searching for a chance to play in a competitive team and be able to evolve with a stable roster? We strive to provide that and let's be clear, everybody has limits but that's not an excuse not to reach high. I believe we can grow together as a team and achieve our goals, whether you want to play in small tournaments or just reach as high as you can on the ladder and have fun with that. I think everybody knows those sports teams from school or your town. The idea is to get a stable roster to play tournaments an evolve in through dque/team and we are gonna start right here. Besides the standard roles I believe other positions are just as important, so if you can't play as much you can become a sub player, if your game knowledge is way better then your mechanics just spectate the game and be an analyst. If enough people apply there is a chance of creating several teams to scrim against each other aswell so don't be afraid to apply. How do I apply? Just leave an answer below this post or add me ingame “Don Gregers” No matter your concern, we'll figure something out ;) We are looking for you! Type me either here, or add me ingame, i hope to hear from you asab!
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