Team Night [more than a team!]

**League of legends players!** Team Night! Grown in 3 days from 4 to 40 people! We are more than just 3 teams we are like a small community you could join! Are you already interested? **Requirements;** Age 16+ Have a mic Not a rager/troller/flamer otherwise banned from our Discord! What we got? 3 teams from low to high elo. from serious to not serious. 3 leaders from bronze to master! DuoQ rooms Coaching! (Just ask around) My experience: I made of course the discord at first i thought just a team for fun. it went more than that. i talked with everyone and everyone was on the same page [Winning]. with some you laugh your ass off and with some u play that serious you begin to grow in experience and more! Join Now! When you're in Discord go to register and register we put you somewhere! Ready to have fun!? **Team Night** {{summoner:31}}
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