LF player(s) who can play on a very high level. I'm too bored playing alone. EUW

I have lots of experience (not only here but other PvP games too). My game sense, map awareness, positioning, cd management of me and enemy, etc. are on point and on a very high level. I'm just looking for some other PvP junkies to get some high level, fast-paced teamplay going. Really miss the old WoW arena times ^^, some real efficient teamplay and communication. I play Jungle, usually Tier 1 champs (Gragas, Elise, Graves...) I just want you to have an easy-going and humble attitude. Can't stand arguing or complaining for no reason. If there is a problem you can calmly discuss it. Also I need somewhat commited players, means that I don't want to play with quitters who only play 1 or 2 games with me and then play with their friends again. Ultimately, we could hopefully get some duo/trio going. Just add me in game. !
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