BreeZe eSports is looking for Support (D5+)

Hello fellow summoners! **NOTE** We are looking for a support, since our old Support is a sub now, bc of time issues. I´m trying to create a serious ranked team, filled with fun people, to compete against other teams. It´s not my first time being a team leader, so dont worry, I know how to organize things. To introduce our team constellation, I’ll be starting off with myself. My name is Daniel(IGN BreeZe KeroX). I am a 15-years-old Midlaner and I’ve been playing League since the end of season 3. I am also rather a relaxed guy who doesn't get tilted easily. (Don’t worry, I might be pretty young but i definitely know how to behave on an adult level ;) XiouH Is our Toplaner, 17 years old, quite a funny guy! :) Our goals: - playing tournaments - having nice conversations with you all - reaching Master and maybe more :)! Oh yeah, btw, im German/Hun, but dont worry, i´m fine with english too! So, what are we looking for?- - We are looking for a Toplane with enough game experience to play with us and having similar goals (DIAMOND 5+) - You gotta have time at least 3 times a week for training, scrims, tournaments etc. - U need to be open for discussions after the game, to improve our teamplay. - (We would recommend having some kind of “shotcalling experience”, but its not necessary) What are we able to provide to you? First of all we got a proper organisation, as i have been leading a team before where I was competeting in Cups or other League-of-Legends tournaments. Also I created a lot of brackets to determine an appropriate training schedule. If you are interested, feel free to add me on my LoL account Greetings Daniel // BreeZe KeroX
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