Looking for Custom Game Homie(s) to improve mechanics together

Hey guys, since I feel like I wont get any better at this game by just playing I am trying to practice kiting, constant map awareness, csing and ofc general laning/trading skills. Unfortunally my friends don't want to join me very often so that I try to practice in custom games against bots which is... kinda boring. About me: I'm 21, living in Rostock, Germany. I enjoy playing any role expect jungle, am currently S1, my highest ranking was G4. If you are looking for some relaxed and good natured dude to practice general mechanics from time to time, Tarthos on EUW is your man ;) Also, I dont't rly care if you are Bronze or Platin+ ... Ofc we also can skype etc while playing and play some real games, too. Kind regards, looking forward to play with you Tarthos
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