[EUNE] Looking for ADC or/and team to play.

Hello. I am looking for some ADC or and team to play together. I main support since ever. I played since beta on many accounts and many regions (due to lifestyle where I travel a lot irl) My highest rank was Diamond 2 in season 3 (assassin meta), then two seasons ago I hit plat2 before I stopped playing (thats why only gold frame). My playing hours are located late afternoon and night middle european time. My fav champions are {{champion:40}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:44}} My fav bans are {{champion:154}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:18}} One minus of me: I am muted irl so I cannot really speak on teamspeak / discord, but I have mastery in quick writting on keyboard, so this shoudnt be problem. My english level is communicative I understand aswell russian, polish and a bit czech. PM ingame EUNE janna Bσt - better copy and paste coz this O is really a "Sigma"

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