Looking to create a serious ranked team (Gold+)

Hello! I've been in a couple of less active ranked teams before and I'm looking to create a new one with active members. We will mainly strive to improve both individually and as a team. By "serious" team I mean that everyone should play only one role and play as often as possible to improve everyones gameplay together. -Currently players- Top: OPEN Jungle: OPEN Mid: SuperMaki AD Carry: OPEN Support: OPEN Requirements: - Gold+ - Speak English. - Main only **one** role. Playing other roles in normals and solo queue is okay. - Be available at least a few days each week. - Have a decent champion pool and play most meta champs. No one-trick ponies. - You need to have skype. - Play on EU West. If you meet all these requirements, then please feel free to either add SuperMaki on EUW, or apply in this thread using the following template: Summoner Name: Current Rank: Highest Rank: Position: Country: Age: Age is not as important as being mature. Your country is not really important, it's just good to know where you're from. Thanks for reading, hope to see you on the rift!

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