Looking for high diamond+ jungler and support to make a top tier team

Hey guys , My name is Sjurdsson. I am 19 years old and live in the Netherlands. Currently i study marketing and besides that League Of Legends is my passion. I've been playing since pre season 2 and since then i have been very competitive. My peak elo is diamond 2 . currently my rank is diamond 5 Right now my skillset isnt enought to compete in a top tier team, i have been playing in top tier teams for a long time. This is why i am looking to create my own ranked team, i will be coaching the team. I do not got a lot of coaching experience yet but i do got alot of experience in the game and also in top tier competitive teams. What am i looking for in a player? You are competitive and want to achieve the top You are willing to put time and effort into the team You are atleast 17 years old Your soloq rank must be high diamond or higher Your picks are flexible, the best for the team You can take critisism and learn from ur mistakes What can you expect from me? I will create the rosters fitting everyone's timetables /school/work I will be there in pick and bans and analyze the games I will work on bonding between the players in my team I will help the players both ingame and on personal levels The roles i am currently looking for are : Jungle Support If you are interested you can add me ingame or add me on skype Also you can reply on the post ofcourse. IGN:Sjurdsson Skype:noobs4gamers
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