My Way out of Elo Hell - Silver 5 Support

Hey guys, to keep it short. I am main support. I come from germany and I'm above 25 years old. Last season I played my 10 promo games only, S2 and I was fine. Unfortunatly, this season I got ranked in Silver 5 after an awkward losing streak. This time I want to fight to get to gold. My problem is ... welcome to Elo Hell. I got to know different kinds of unbelievable people. The one who feed. The one who blame others. The afk people. And my personal favorit - The 'nvm - I will start flaming in champ select, because I suck and I want to blame first before others do' (greetings to you, Miss Fortune ;) ) I need to escape before I'll become insane. So, if some people want to help me, or want to escape too, add me. Some facts which are important - I'll call them ... ** DRUs DON'Ts:** * don't be afk (no ragequit, no instable connection, no mom who calls) * don't blame, flame, be salty/toxic (just play the game) * don't feed (sometimes some people think they are sooo good and jump in 1v5 with 7 lvl behind (yes, it happend to me (greetings to Jax), just play safe if it's necessary) wow ... that's all. See, you don't need to be special. I'm just looking for normal people for some ranked games. Shit happens, so nobody is perfect. I can lose a game, too. I just want to avoid people who are saying stuff like ... > "Ks Morg! I'll afk" "Sorry it was my dot" "Reported. Stop KSing, liar" "Okay I won't do it again... Come back" "No joke? Don't ks. You are support!" "Yes. No w for me this game..." (By the way - same Miss Fortune) Nvm... help me ... Btw. I love to play Braum, Morgana and Thresh. See you, Dræw
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