Starting a new competitive team - Diamond 1+

First of all, I will not be playing myself, I will be managing and coaching the team. **The Team** The plan is to start a team from scratch. We will have team practice several times a week. Probably 2-3 evenings each week. We will participate in online tournaments EVERY weekend. **The Goal** The goal of this team is to become a pro League of Legends team. Meaning playing LoL will be our main source of income. We will start by participating in online tournaments. From there we will move up to live tournaments. Eventually we'll move into a gaming house and participate in all the major tournaments around the world. This is not something that will happen overnight. It will take months, maybe even years to accomplish this! **Expectations** - 17 years old or older - Diamond 1 or higher - TS3 and a good headset with microphone - Be able and willing to speak and understand English - Have time to play at least 3 days a week and every weekend both saturday and sunday, if you prefer going out then this is not your team. - Be on time and ready to play - **If you are ever late or ingame or make us wait for any other reason, you are off the team!** - Have a positive attitude, keep an open mind, be willing to learn and improve and try new things - Have a "I want to improve" attitude - Be willing to stay with it for several months, it will take time to become good! If you want quick results or will give up or lose motivation after a few weeks, this team is not for you. **Apply** Fill out this form: [click here]( It will take about 5-15 minutes. You will receive an answer within a few days. If I am interested I will add you ingame. If I'm not interested I will send you an e-mail.
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