Diamond Support/Top looking for ranked team! :)

Hello out there, as the title states I'm looking for a ranked team. I've been on a few teams back in Season 2 and 3 and am motivated to start playing a bit more serious again ;). I'll just start out with some facts **about me**: -18 years old, starting to visit uni this year -fluent in German and English -I never flame or insult people (might question bad decisions/plays though ;) ) -I'm always motivated and trying to win because it's fun to me, but I'm also trying to have a good time when playing with people =) -reached Diamond Elo since Season 3 (peak: Diamond 3); currently sitting at Diamond 5 (although I think I could very well climb higher if I actually played solo queue on a regular basis) -I enjoy playing Support the most and it is probably also my best role (-->preferred role), but I also enjoy playing Top and am potent at it -got mic and ts3/skype/raidcall **What am I looking for in a team?:** -average age should be around 18 or higher -average elo should be high plat/low diamond or higher (I actually enjoy playing with more skilled players the most, because I feel like I can hone skills more efficiently this way :) ) -you guys should be fun ppl to be around with in voice chat (but still be motivated to win ofc :D ) Looking forward to your responses! Just reply to this thread (preferred!) or add me ingame under this account. Cya {{summoner:4}}

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