Offering free Coaching for Soloq Players on all Ranks :)

Hey summoners! My name is No Counterplay and I am Lol Coach for two years now ļŠ To sum up some information about me here is a short introduction: • 2 Years of Coaching experience • Coached all Ranks from bronze to Challenger • Able to coach all Lanes • Former and actual Coach of several high Elo Teams (e.g. Tribunal Esports Black) • Able to Coach all lanes on a high Lvl For more information, I would recommend you to check out my lol-coaching profile Normally my lessons aren’t free however as a little October event everybody can pick up one free lesson without obligations to get more. So if you are interested to try me just add me on Skype(No Counterplay), League (No Counterplay) or just schedule a lesson on my lesson calendar on lol-coaching: ~NCP

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