Looking for Mid/ADC/Top for a Ranked 5s Team (Currently in Plat 1) MUST BE PLAT 1 OR ABOVE

**Status: FULL** **No longer recruiting for now...** Hello, we are Team Ravage EU, we are currently looking for someone that will fulfil at least one of the roles Mid/ADC/Top, preferably if you are diverse but that isn't compulsory (you must have some proof e.g. LolKing history that you've played these roles, I won't believe "I can do anything"). Our goal is to reach diamond before the end of season which we are very close! **Requirements:** - Fluent in English - Have a mic and able to use some sort of voice software like Mumble, Skype, Teamspeak, Raidcall etc. - Be active, I'm expecting at least 5 games per week - We are mostly a UK team, so it would be nice if your timezone is around GMT/BST/CEST or something thats close to us - What makes you different from other people, that uniqueness! - Be at least plat 1+, if you are struggling to get diamond then this isn't for you, we don't want team mates to drag us down from simple mistakes such as item builds or inconsistent mechanics, since at this rank, we'll usually face high diamonds and even masters (you are allowed to make mistakes though, we are all human after all!) - Have a positive attitude! **What can you expect from us?** - Diamond team rewards if we get there together well done, we've earned it! - We enter tournaments, we have won 1st place in some occasions (truimphant ryze and 3k+ RP, you name it!) and we also have experience playing against challengers, we've also played against Unicorns of Love before they became popular! - We occasionally make YouTube videos and you may be featured in our guides on LolKing.net, we have a few popular people in this team featured! - Active Facebook group! - Creative/wild team strategies, mainly mostly for fun and experimentation such as running a comp with 5 smites and 5 teleports **Application Process:** You will be interviewed, I will do this by spectating your game with other people with me and judge you on your performance, doesn't matter if you win or lose! Or I could play a game with you but its hard to judge you if I'm not constantly looking at you. My judgement will be strict, I believe I have a solid background so you are in good hands when being judged. Along with other members with strong backgrounds. **If you wish to apply, state your IGN below, roles and add me 'Senpai Nhan'.** Here is some information on someone who will be judging you ;) Main: [Senpai Nhan](http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Senpai+Nhan) Smurf: [Nhan Senpai](http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=Nhan+Senpai) Other backgrounds: [Featured Guide on LolKing](http://www.lolking.net/guides/165651)
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