Silver 5 player looking for team (DETAILS BELOW)

I am a silver 5 player, my best role is support, my secondary role would be adc but i can comfortably play anywhere except jungle, i live in northern Ireland so I'm a native English speaker, i am free every night all week. i can play almost every support in the game, my best are thresh, braum, morgana and alistar but i can play many more. my map awareness and shotcalling in teamfights is quite good and i can easily play the lane the way the adc wants to be that passive, aggressive or in between, although in solo queue I am aggressive. My mechanics are good i think (although you guys can be the judge of that haha), i am good at picking when to engage and when to disengage if possible. The 'weaknesses' i can think of are overplaying some situations but i am getting better at judging when to leave those situations and take what ive already gotten. and that I'm not as practised at all the the mage supports as i am at tank supports. i have experience talking with my team in game as i learned the game from my friends in a skye call when i was low level. Some details: I am 19 years old I am mature but not stuck up I have been playing since August 2015 i am knowledgable about the game i keep up with patch notes i watch the pro scene religiously i am up for doing research and the like, into team comps etc. i have no problem with changing my name at any time i love learning new things and i am keen to omprove with the team as a collective Add me in game if you are interested Thanks, Hertughunter, EUW
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