Sick of soloQ ? Want to have fun while going up the ladder ? Me too ! (again)

Hello everyone ! How are you doing ? I'm doing fine thank you. Ok, I am going to ramble a little bit, so bear with me as I go on. My name is Solomai. I've been playing this game for years, with some stops in the middle, but I always came back around here. Sadly, as many people are experiencing those times, soloQ is getting more and more terribad, and playing alone is just not fun anymore. SO, I want to find amazingly cool people to join me and come in a team ! Yay ! But, I have some requirements. First, I do not wish this team to be a full fun mode, nor a full tryhard mode. If you want to apply, you need to be both skilled at the role you're playing, and a calm person who can just enjoy the game, whatever the outcome. You need to have room for improving, be able to take and give POSITIVE criticism (not something like "lol u bad gtfo uninstall get cancer"), and also being able to play until the end of a game. That's probably my most important point. If you wish to surrender a game that looks lost, just go away from the game and don't waste the time of people who want to have fun and try to come back until the end. I am French, and I hate surrender. YES, it's possible. Now, about you. You need, of course, to be a cool person (I think I described it fairly well), to have some time to spend with the team (two or three nights a week ain't to much), be at least Gold, be able to speak a good and nice English, wherever you come from, have Skype/TS, or something like this, I'm not picky, but I do not have a TS server though; and really want to do something that will last. I saw too many people leaving out of motivation after one/two weeks. I am not going to, so I hope you will not be either. I'm not asking for a minimum age (I am 21), but if you know you're childish, if you can't accept defeat or criticism, just walk away. So, I am now looking for a mid laner and a top laner. If you want to apply, and if you think we share the same vision of the game, which is the most important, put a nice message down below, with who you are and what you want to achieve, I do not really care about champion pool. Or add me IG and we will talk it out. See you soon on the Rift ! Solomai (Ok, just a side note, had to edit my previous message cause bump look terrible on the boards. Damn. So, a last thing I want to add due to recent events : I love winning, I truly do, but I prefer having fun. So if it is actually possible for you to have fun even on a lost game and use this happiness to jump into another game without any tilt, you would be more than welcome in the team !) (Side note two, there are two messages if you look at "recent". Dammit. I'm not used to this kind of forums.)

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