Ambitious Goldplayers needed for creating a ranked Team

Hey boyz, as u can read in the title im looking forward to create a new ranked Team with members arround GoldElo. For the Moment im aiming to reach at least Platin with that Team so im not looking for players that give dont give anything about winning or losing a game with ONLY having fun. Of course LoL is a game, and of course games should make some fun to play.. But the fun fact comes wtih winning for me, not by losing. If u are still interested in joining a Team like this here is what u should bring to the table: - Knowledge about the role u want to play and a decent Championpool, - The attitude to improve urself and help other players improving ( without flaming ofc ) - Headset and TS3 - Accept a Training Schedule and dont miss it without (special) excuse - Speak and understand English ( more or less, im not a native speaker myself ) - I wanna try to play at least every weak day together, so u should offer a bit of time. Roles im Looking for are: Jungle | Top If u are Interested write a comment with ur Role and ur Championpool and i will add u ingame.
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