"It's the climb" New club/ team for players Gold-Plat dedicated to climbing as high as they can.

Hey! I'm a Gold 1 Jungler looking for like minded people to embrace the grind that is solo q. If you're like me and hate the amount of toxicity in solo q, and want to guarantee your role every game then don't hesitate to add me in game. The only things I ask from you are: 1: No raging or being toxic 2: A main champion with a win rate of around 60% or above. (200+ games 55%) 3: 2 solid back-up champions for when your ban is taken or banned. 4: Be Gold 5-Plat 1 If you are all of the above, I'll give you a tryout and decide if you're right for the team. I'd like to be able for us to play Solo queue and Ranked Teams, but let me know if you want to play just one.

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