[Apocalypsis Gaming] Looking for Gold / Plat Members !! [16+] #2

[](http://imgur.com/eL6uAH0) --- Apocalypsis Gaming is a new 16+ team that will participate in tournaments and Team trainings to improve. In fact, we are currently looking for decent Gold players. TeamSpeak and a well working microphone is required as well as a decent English level. In our team we will have Main players and Sub players. This post is going to be updated everytime a member is accepted / kicked. --- ------------------------Main-----Sub------- Top laner - **Closed** - **Open**------ Mid laner - **Closed** - **Open**------ Jungler ------- **Open** -- **Open**------ ADC ------------ **Open** -- **Open**------ Support ----- **Open** -- **Open**------ --- **You can apply here if you are interested to join our new team. Use the format below:** _IGN: Age: Country: Division: Main lane(s): Main Champions (3+): _ --- Good luck applying and hope to see you in our team!

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