The Twisted Rift, LoL community looking for members

Hello everyone! We are &#039;The Twisted Rift&#039;. A brand new community, made on the 2nd of june, now searching for its first members. Our community is based on 6 factions. Every member is allowed to join one to represent it. TTR is League of Legends related so the factions exist out of the following names: - Demacia - Freljord - Noxus - Piltover -Shadow Islands - Shurima (you'll get free ice cream if you join Shurima >w<) Once the community is bigger we&#039;re planning to create ranked teams to compete against each other. Unfortunately we&#039;re not at this point yet. Help us reach it! What we can offer - A fun and social environment - Factions to represent - A society who has yet to grow, you can become part of it now! What we&#039;re planning for the future - Ranked teams based on factions - In houses - Events What we require from you - Talk/speak english, which is the main language of our community - You&#039;re social and aren&#039;t afraid to chat with others - You&#039;re active on the server Members are not obligated to join a faction, so if you&#039;d rather stay out of it, that&#039;s totally fine too. Everyone is welcome. Do you want to be part of a close community? Are you searching for people to play with? Don&#039;t look any further and join TTR &lt;3. This is the Discord link to join the community: Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon in The Twisted Rift! ~Yuno

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