Looking for a laid back Community to learn the game and have some fun.

Heyo I started this game a few months ago and am very slowly getting into it. As with all games; playing alone is boring and sad.{{champion:32}} Hence I'm wondering if there are any laid back communities who play together and are also up for some funny chats after a good battle or other derping. I'm pretty bad at the game as of now and while trying to improve, it will take a lot of time. I played mainly slow Strategy games before LOL (Crusader Kings 2, World in Conflict, Total War franchise..), so I have serious trouble with the pacing of the game. I need to get used to the APM before seriously attempting ranked. But I'm actively looking for tips and mainly testing all the champions right now to learn their abilities, strenghts and weaknesses. I am used to using Voice Comms, however I usually don't speak myself. I live with my family still and it feels awkward raging and laughing around RL people. Plus I can't focus at all on playing when I talk. Besides that, Swiss accent is known to give people cancer. {{champion:17}} Some details: IGN: CHSiggimaster Age: 23 Gender: 1941 Yamato-Class Battleship (71,659 tons) Languages I'm comfortable with: English & German, Sooo... TL;DR: Any friendly families out there who are willing to take a windowlicker into their care?
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