Are you a support looking to climb?

Do you want to improve at a fast pace? Do you like spending hours on this game and have fun while you are at it? Did you ever want a second opinion on a situation or someone to bounce back idea's off of? Hello I'm an adc/jungle main around d4/d3 that grinds the ladder looking to improve his play and himself. I'm looking for a ~~support~~, a bot lane partner, a companion who I can share a journey with. Help me to not die to that full stacked rengar. Help me to get that last hit under turret with your majestic auto for the extra 40 dmg. Let me rely on you to get that shield in that clutch life-or-death situation. Help me to get the double explosion on their nexus as it falls down and they surrender to us at the same time. Sincerely An adc main
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