Look for Someone to get me to plat

Want someone that is good enough with a smurf to get me to plat. Why? Because i srlyy can´t carry a game solo and with some help i may get to plat this season.in my last 4 games won my lane for about 15/20 minutes, but my Eloboosted/Noob team could manage too feed enough that even a garen feed lose the game.Im not talking about this because meh im bad, this guys im getting constantly just run into their jungle and try to kill the supp, this in gold4, i hope i can get some help, im a nice player and i play some games in my cousin house and account, it is totaly different a plat1/diamand game than a gold one, and yes i did not feed i was actualy playing good from what he said. PS:You dont want to help me?Don´t comment i dont need comments from kids saying this is the same as eloboost. If you are going to help please keep in mind that i will see your win rate, if its not good or you can´t carry a game with 2 people im not insterested.i got a lot of friends from diamond that play worst than bronze so I dont mind your division(as long its a smurf) if you can carry any game
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