Free coach looking for gold/silver/bronze players that need some advice

Hi my name is MickenCZ and I am free coach that wants to help players improve for free. I have a lot of knowledge and high elo experience with players from challanger and other high elos. If you are gold, I can't coach jungle because i am not good at it that much but if you are silver/bronze its ok for all the lanes. I will talk to you about your mistakes, tell you what to do better and what to change, i am really friendly so dont be afraid. My discord is MickenCZ My skype is MickenCZ My lol EUW nick is MickenCZ I can speak English and Czech fluently and i have discord skype and ts so we can use voice chat. If a whole team wants coaching its ok, but i think i will be able to handle only a little amount of players at one time.
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