Shadow Stalkers - Professional Team Recruiting - TOP / Jungle / Supp UK !

Shadow Stalkers Gaming
Over the past week Shadow Stalkers UK have been working very hard in collaboration with the staff at GAME Trafford to finish their very first Multiplay Gaming arena.
Shadow Stalker Gaming Esport Team This is a Professional Team There CS GO team has won many tourniquets and have got a few sponsors for the team which might apply to you in the near future ! Ok we are Currently Looking for a Top / Jungle / Support This team will play almost every day hopefully so if you have a social life DO NOT APPLY xD The owner requires me to say to be able to play 35 + Hours a week Due to Loads of Applications Those that are denied will not be contacted. We plan to do Tournaments on a weekly bases so your weekend should be free once again if you have a social life DO NOT APPLY Requirements Gold 1 - Plat 1 - (Diamond will not be accepted - GOLD 2 lowest we can go) Top / Jungle - MUST HAVE A 3+ KDA on your 3 main CHAMPS NO EXCEPTIONS SoloQ is bad is not an excuse me and the mid laner both have 4+ on 2 and 3+ on EVERY OTHER CHAMP we play. YOU MUST MAIN THE ROLE YOU ARE APPLYING FOR i dont care if it is your 2nd lane you wont be accepted and if your last 20 games dont even show you playing that lane sorry :L (Top - The mid lane guy likes Malphite top not a requirement) Must live in the UK Actually be interested in the professional scene and stuff Just be good haha idk what else to say xD --------------------- Ok thank you for reading if this fits you contact me in league - SGSÁMÍ
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