All Girls Team, Looking for TopLaner

Hi guys, After having a lot of success with our all girls team last season we are looking to get the team going again in the new season. We are looking for someone who is willing to play on a daily basis with a group of friendly girls and climb the ranked ladder together as well as play in tournaments, Live stream as a team and have a good time. We have a great group of friendly talented individuals and looking for a new toplaner to add to this. What we are looking for: * Friendly motivated female players. * Being able to work with a schedule. * Be online 5-7 days a week. * You should be at least gold division. * Knowing and Understanding the English Language. * A working microphone. Dedication is key here because we really strive to work together to get the most out of the team. Being able to stream is a great plus but not necessary. to apply add me in game or leave a message bellow.
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