Looking For Ambitious Silver-Gold -EUW- (ADC is The Remaining Spot)

So Here's The Idea , I'm making a team for the tournament next month or the month after it , First we build up some synergy I will play as Midlaner in the team , The only thing you need to have is a good communication , you dont need to be a good player or so. What I meant to say by good communication is by not being toxic , and can create conversation in silent times , to build up some moral , and the most important thing is to enjoy while playing. Requirements : - No Age Limit - Silver-Gold Only - Can Understand English - An Application Form (Comment Down Below) - Need to be Active at least 1 hour a day - Will be able to join tournaments in a specific Time - Enjoyable Player I'm Alex , Thank you For Reading :) IGN : EQLG Kingdom , I can Be Active in GMT+1 13:00-21:00 I'll Be Playing As A Midlaner Spaces: Adc I'm not talkative myself but would be glad if there's a player that can shotcall specially in support role. Just Message Me :) To Talk About more.
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