Team Moonfall [TM] looking for mid/adc/support. Plat+

Hello Summoners, My friend and me want to start a serious ranked team but we want to have a good time aswell. (so no toxic behaviour ) We need a mid, adc and support. You need to be atleast Plat, have teamspeak, a decent mic, be decent at speaking english and have to be able to play atleast 3 days a week. The team is created to reach atleast Diamond this season. Current Roster: Top | TM Eclipse / Dia V / Dutch / 18 years old Jungle | TM City / Plat I / German / 19 years old Mid | TBD ADC | TBD Sup | TBD Summonername: Rank: Age: Nationality: Role: Mains: Time you are able to play: If you are interested to play with us fill out the form above and we will add you.
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