Looking to create a serious team (Plat +)

Couldn't find my old post bleh. Looking to currently create a serious team, to play actively and play at a high level. The aim is to obviously become better as an individual and as a team and hopefully to start competing in small tournaments etc... **What do I expect?:** 1. Solid understanding of your roles and matchups 2. Experience 3. Activity (Should be at least 3-4 days + a week, still needs to be worked out) 4. Commitment and Motivation 5. Knowledge through the amount of time playing and watching tournaments 6. Willing to look over replays and take criticism 7. Microphone obviously **Requirements and Application:** * Age - * Location - * Activity / Online Times with Timezone - * Role - * Years of playing / Experiences - I do want create a semi serious enviornment and see how it goes unless the team is all wiling to take it a step further but I won't worry too much about it until the time comes. So if you're interested please leave a reply with your application and I'll look over them. Thank you. _Please try and avoid adding me, I will read all posts and add those accordingly. Don't want to have a flood of request from people who posted and those who didn't bother posting. _ (Thread will be updated as time goes) {{summoner:31}} {{summoner:31}} {{summoner:31}} {{summoner:31}}
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