Sick of soloQ ? Want to have fun while going up the ladder ? Me too !

Hello everyone ! How are you doing ? I'm doing fine thank you. Ok, I am going to ramble a little bit, so bear with me as I go on. My name is Solomai. I've been playing this game for years, with some stops in the middle, but I always came back around here. Sadly, as many people are experiencing those times, soloQ is getting more and more terribad, and playing alone is just not fun anymore. SO, I want to find amazingly cool people to join me and come in a team ! Yay ! But, I have some requirements. First, I do not wish this team to be a full fun mode, nor a full tryhard mode. If you want to apply, you need to be **both skilled at the role you're playing, and a calm person who can just enjoy the game**, whatever the outcome. You need to have room for improving, be able **to take and give POSITIVE criticism** (not something like "lol u bad gtfo uninstall get cancer"), and also being able to play until the end of a game. That's probably my most important point. If you wish to surrender a game that looks lost, **just go away from the game** and don't waste the time of people who want to **have fun and try to come back** until the end. I am French, and I hate surrender. YES, it's possible. Now, about you. You need, of course, to be a **cool person** (I think I described it fairly well), to have some time to spend with the team (two or three nights a week ain't to much), be **at least Gold**, be able to speak a good and nice English, wherever you come from, have Skype/TS, or something like this, I'm not picky, but I do not have a TS server though; and really want to do **something that will last**. I saw too many people leaving out of motivation after one/two weeks. I am not going to, so I hope you will not be either. I'm not asking for a minimum age (I am 21), but if you know you're childish, if you can't accept defeat or criticism, **just walk away.** So, I am now looking for a **mid laner** and a **top laner**. If you want to apply, and if you think we share the same vision of the game, which is the most important, put a nice message down below, with who you are and what you want to achieve, I do not really care about champion pool. Or add me IG and we will talk it out. See you soon on the Rift ! Solomai
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