Serious Ranked 5 Team - [Gold/Plat] - LF Toplaner

Hey guys, We're working on a serious team, focussing on team communication. We will try to climb as high as we can, participate in tournaments every now and then. We seriously consider teamcomps/strategies. We currently have 4 people, and are looking for a fifth. **Requirements** -Able to play Monday to Thursday 17:00 GMT ~ 21:00 GMT, still discussing exact times. -You take this serious. -Able to use teamspeak. -Teamgames are your priority. -Gold 2+ -Plat 2- -You are socially adequate, that is, you know how to behave and act like an adult. -We don't (constantly) complain, nor talk poorly about either team members or the enemy team. -A general positive attitude, even in poor games. -18+ years old. -Willing to learn and adjust. -Reasonable English. **What do we do as a club?** -Play ranked 5's to try and climb/improve. -Participate in smaller tournaments. -We try to (further) learn how to rotate/create team comps/work/communicate as a team. -Have some fun together. We still play this game for fun, but in a serious manner (with maybe an exceptional game if agreed on). **Current open roles you can apply for** -Top Lane **How to Apply** Leave a comment on this post answering the following: -Main role, current 3 main champions in this role. -Current Rank. -Age -Why you're looking to join a team. -What your ingame weakness is. -Something you'd like to add to this club (Rule/mentality/something to aspire to) -Any Questions/Remarks If the position is still open, I will add you. If there are multiple applications, we will have tryouts! **Side Notes** -It can happen that you can't play a few times at the earlier mentioned times. This is allowed to happen, but please not too often. -I will chat with applicants a bit first, later on we'll do tryouts, so please be patient. -Don't apply if you didn't bother reading all of the above :^) Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope to see you on the fields of justice!
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