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{{champion:143}} Hey if you really trust me that here is only ONE ONE ONE question .. no its not I gotcha!{{champion:143}} Let's prepare LOooooooong writing about ..... about..... what I just want I dont know who cares about that ...me not. Anyway I have realllllly (not really not) problem in my life (no just lol carrieeeeeer) May I find some huma..or you may be alien or some mummy .... player who wants to play with me? . . ofc not but who knows. It ll be fine if yes. But here is a most important point. YOU HAVE TO BE COLD AS ICE so if you are type of .. "anything" who can be 1/2 and flame your teammates(rip junglers) go CLOSE CLOSE THIS and go play Golf yes GOLF not gold but GOLF : G O L F. yes And you may flame heeeeeere all day and your voice ll around of greeeeen Surroundings and maybe at night some owl ll laugh to you. But if you can play and not matter if u are 1/2 or 2/13 but we ll have fun cuz games ARE for fun. Just Add me and we may play some ranked games. {{champion:143}} Have a Nice day.{{champion:143}}
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