Diamond 5 Support looking for ambitious ADC to climb on Ranked [EUW] [Diamond+ ONLY]

As the title says, I'm currently looking for an ADC that WANTS to get to Master Tier THIS YEAR. I'm a very good Support Main that wants to get to the very Top with what I have...which is nothing I'm from Portugal, female, 19 years old and no, I'm not boosted, I just have skillz. Deal with it :D P.S: I have other champs played on Ranked because I couldn't stand losing because of my idiot teammates, so I switched for a while. My champion pool is basically all the Support Champions, but I main mostly Thresh, Morgana, Bard, Rakan, Braum, Janna. Here's the requirements: ENG level minimum 2.5/5. Have a decent microphone with DISCORD or TEAMSPEAK3. Be ACTIVE, friendly and positive. If I see I got a Toxic ADC, I just remove him from my friendlist without explenation. That's all, ya'll! Thanks for taking your time to read. Add me ingame " Haydis ". I normally don't come here. yada yada yada, have a nice day!
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