*_**_*CLASH TEAM seeking or recuriting!*_**_*

Hey guys, EUW id : **Touki ** I am intending to play Clash and having trouble find a team or arrange a team. My player info is below, contact me if U need an adc player If you are looking for a team as well, keep reading! So whoever is _**gold 1 to d4**_, the basic thing, no boost allowed! _**English speaker **_, for communication _**able to play several champions on one or multiple lanes **_ this team aims to win _**Non flaming inting **_ fun is also important Please contact me through the game client or leave a message here! I am looking for all positions players! _A little about myself,_ _141 level account, Plat 5 63LP, honour 2 Checkpoint 3_ Most well played champions: Jhin Xayha Kaisa Ashe, Velkoz Orianna Veigar, Rakan Nami https://ibb.co/bPd65L https://ibb.co/k7hNef Prefer adc > mid > sup! Final repeat, Looking for clash team to join or build a clash team myself!

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